Why I’m excited about ClimateTech moonshots as VC investments.

  1. Do we need moonshots tech companies to solve for climate change?
  1. Beyond VC investing, we’re seeing a large amount of funding in assets labelled green or climate positive ($45 trillion), ie. such as portfolio decarbonisation funds and low-carbon funds;
  2. Combined with the 1st wave of CleanTech unicorns (ie. Beyond Meat, Tesla, Oatly, Nest), more funds and talent are now attracted to ClimateTech;
  3. With corporate and regulations adapting, as well as consumers becoming more and more environmentally conscious, a vibrant and self-reinforcing ecosystem is being created.
  1. Carbon capture and storage: whilst we’re increasingly transitioning to renewable energies, fossil fuel will remain the primary contributor to energy production in the next decade or so. As such, we need solutions to capture and store all these GHG emissions. While carbon offsetting has seen a lot of investment, there’s still very little investment in carbon capture & storage. According to the PWC report, there are only 18 startups working on this that have collectively raised a mere $400m. Examples include LanzaTech, which turns waste carbon streams into ethanol that can then be used for fuel or chemical processes (raised $280m from Khosla Ventures), and Carbon Culture, which creates large-scale CO2 removal using woody waste from agriculture and forests (raised $6.2m from True Ventures and Cherry VC).
  2. Production of food out of thin air: our food system accounts for up to 30% of global emissions (including agriculture, land use and our food production). We thus need to find ways to drastically chain our food supply chain. As such, as a vegan for the past 8 years (for environmental reasons), I can’t wait to taste my first lab-grown pork dumpling produced by our portfolio company Fork & Goode as well as the first proteins produced literally out of thin air and electricity from Solar Foods.




Investor at firstminute Capital

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Camilla Mazzolini

Camilla Mazzolini

Investor at firstminute Capital

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